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FML Group of Companies
Craig Craig Flowers, the second son of the late Arnold Flowers of New Providence is the CEO and owner of the FML Group of Companies, headquartered in Nassau.

Craig received his early education in New Providence and a degree in engineering in Chicago.  His first major job out of University was with BEC and then with Bahamas Airlines.  It was at Bahamas Airlines where he decided to become an airline pilot.  He took his early airline pilot training in Florida and eventually went to work with Northeast Airlines as their first black pilot, as well as spending time training Northeast pilots.

Craig came back home to become a Captain with Bahamasair.  He left Bahamasair to travel to Libya to become the Chief Pilot and Operations Manager of Libya Arab Airlines.  He also looked after the private travel arrangements for Muammar Gaddafi.  Craig decided to return home after spending f
ourteen years in Libya to take over his family business and make various investments in the Bahamas.

An avid sportsman, Craig became involved in his favorite sport, golf.  Craig, a Bahamas National Team Member, Life Member of the Bahamas Golf Federation, Past Vice-President of the Bahamas Golf Federation and current director of the BGF spent many years promoting amateur and professional golf in the Bahamas.  He continues to spearhead the Bahamas Golf Federations Driving Range and par 3 golf course, now the single most important facility for local golfers in New Providence.

Craig is truly an example of a Bahamian using every opportunity that came his way to become one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the Bahamas.

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